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EatLoco's Flagship Destination Market

Located at the Parking lot at 

44505 Atwater Drive in Ashburn, VA

Located on Atwater Drive in the picturesque Ashburn, VA, Ashbrook, VA occupies the southeast quadrant of Loudoun County.  On March 9, 2024, EatLoco will be relocating its One Loudoun Market to Ashbrook (the parking lot of the Cristian Fellowship Church, just 100 meters down from our One Loudoun market location). This market stands out as one of Virginia's largest and most frequented markets. Our distinctive array of vendors and food products sets us apart, offering only the finest selections for our customers.

Ashbrook (One Loudoun), our flagship market, had humble beginnings in December 2017 with just 8 vendors braving a cold winter season. Despite the lack of shelter from snow and winds, these vendors persevered, making minimal sales. Fast forward to 2024, that same market boasts 120 vendors every Saturday during the regular season, generating $6 million in annual sales. 

This Ashburn market has earned prestigious accolades, including the 2019 Destination Business of the Year award, solidifying our place on the map.  With customers coming from 20 different counties and 5 different states, we feel that winning this award was most fitting. While this is our most popular market, it is also the hardest to become a new vendor in, due to its popularity and success.

Saturdays (Year-round)

From 9:00AM - 1:00PM

Customer count: 5000-5200

Number of vendors/Saturday: 130

Parking L(2).jpg
Farmers m(1)_edited.jpg

Click this picture of the Christian Fellowship church where the market will move on 3-9-24. You will see how close this is to the old location at One Loudoun. In this picture the market is taking place in the background.


24439 Evergreen Mills Road, Ashburn, VA

Our EatLoco Brambleton market, situated at the heart of the Brambleton Town Center, commenced operations in the spring of 2018, functioning as a community market catering to Brambleton and its adjacent areas. Some vendors, also present at our One Loudoun Market, have shared that their sales at Brambleton surpass those at One Loudoun. This is attributed to the smaller, more charming, and less crowded ambiance of Brambleton. This market is characterized by its intimacy, close-knit community feel, and serves as a gathering place for neighbors. Customers actively engage with vendors, delving into their products and the passion driving their creations. 

Effective April 7, 2024, we are RELOCATING our Brambleton Market to The Barn at Brambleton, offering more space, a superior location, and enhanced visibility from the road. 

Brambleton Sundays (year-round)

Regular Season: 3/31/24 - 11/24/24

From 9:00AM - 1:00PM

Customer count: 1000-1500

Number of vendors/Sunday: 60-80

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Arlington, VA

MetPark serves as a gathering spot, where individuals convene to socialize with friends, take their dogs for a stroll, embark on morning walks, and indulge in the delights of the EatLoco Farmers Market. The park boasts remarkable features, and we are deeply privileged that they have selected EatLoco as their Farmers Market destination. Spanning two and a half acres of lush greenery, MetPark offers a charming playground for children, an interconnected dog park, and a picturesque pathway that winds through its entirety. Visitors can find picnic tables scattered across the park, providing the perfect setting to relish in hot meals, refreshing beverages, bagels, and coffee.

MetPark Saturdays

Regular Season: 3/23/24 - 10/26/24

From 9:00AM - 1:00PM

Average customer count: 2500-3000

20230912_124609 (1).jpg

MetPark Saturday

IMG_2355 (7).jpg

MetPark Saturday

Arlington, VA

In the summer of 2023, MetPark TUESDAY became part of the EatLoco family of markets. This mid-week market offers locals the chance to replenish their supply of favorite farmer-fresh foods and health options. Situated next to the Amazon HQ2 in Arlington, it also provides Amazon's hardworking employees with the opportunity to indulge in fresh fruits and vegetables from our farmers, savor delicious hot lunches from our food purveyors, and explore just the right amount of shopping opportunities from our artisans and crafters.

MetPark Tuesdays
Regular Season: 4/23/24 - 10/29/24

From 10:00AM - 2:00PM

Average customer count: 1500-2000

20230912_120902 (1).jpg

MetPark Tuesday


MetPark Tuesday

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