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EatLoco Farmers Markets (EatLoco, Inc.) is donating $200 worth of FREE groceries to 3 lucky RAFFLE winners on Sept 3rd, 2022. 100% of the raffle proceeds are paid directly to ECHO for their Lifelong Support for Adults with Disabilities.

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100% of the raffle benefits

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The FREE Grocery Giveaway is officially over.  Congratulations to our 3 winners!


is to empower individuals with disabilities to achieve their optimal level of personal, social and economic success. ECHO is a nonprofit that offers lifelong support for adults with disabilities. We provide skill building, job placement, day support and transportation. Our services empower individuals to be active members of the community.


(How the raffle funds will be  used)

One of ECHO’s services they offer to their participants is transportation. Everyone has felt the pressure of the increased expense at the pump, but that pressure for ECHO is extreme. 150 out of their 171 participants utilize our transportation services to get to their program space at ECHO, or to 1 of the 14 partner sites in the community that provide employment opportunities. The proceeds from this raffle will help offset their gas expenses tremendously.

To donate to ECHO directly, Please visit their WEBSITE

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