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2021 EatLoco Holiday Market

We are so super excited about our 2021 Holiday Market at One Loudoun and Brambleton this year. The diversity and number of vendors alone will make this one of our best Holiday Markets ever!

Some FAQ's to get you Started

  1. HOURS OF MARKET - The hours of the Holiday Market are the same as the EatLoco Farmers Market, 9AM - 1PM every Saturday at One Loudoun, and every Sunday at Brambleton. Vendors must be set up and ready to sell no later than 8:45AM. You cannot begin to knock-down, put products away or leave the market before 1:00 PM, (even if you sell out).

  2. MARKET MANAGERS - There will always be at least 2 EatLoco Market Managers on site (Laura and Jason). Their job is to help set-up the market, keep structure and organization throughout, and of course to make sure the market experience is a safe one for everyone. Please follow their direction as they are only there to help you.  Jason, Laura and myself will be there each week at One Loudoun, and most likely just Jason and I will be at Brambleton.

  3. WHAT TIME SHOULD WE ARRIVE ON MARKET DAY - We recommend you arrive between 7:30 - 8:00AM (no later). With over 130 vendors coming in at the same time at One Loudoun, and approx. 70 at Brambleton, the earlier you get to the market, find your spot and get setup, the better.

    AT ONE LOUDOUN - you must pull into the market from the EAST end of the market on Atwater Drive (coming into One Loudoun from the Loudoun County Parkway entrance). If you are coming into One Loudoun from the WEST side, you must circle around the large parking lot next to the market so that you are entering the market from the EAST end. You will most likely be greeted by one of our Market Managers before you pull in. Let the Market Manager know you are a HOLIDAY Vendor and they will direct you to your spot. You always have the option of parking over in vendor parking and hand carrying your items over to your space.  At 8:40AM, our orange safety cones will block the entrances. NEVER under any circumstances should you ever move these cones on your own. If the orange road-block cones are in place, that means the market is closed to vehicles and you must park in the vendor parking area and hand carry your items over. Getting to the market early is the key!

    At Brambleton - At Brambleton, it will be imperative that you get there by 8:00AM. We will allow only a few vendor vehicles in the market at a time to unload.  You will have about 5 minutes to unload your vehicle and remove your cars from the market.  Please do not park your vehicle near the market (leave that for the elderly and handicapped  customers). Please park in the lot at the nearby Harris Teeter.  

    VERY IMPORTANT FOR BOTH MARKETS - When pulling up next to your space with your vehicle, you MUST:
       1 - Unload your vehicle quickly (IN and OUT in under 5 min).
       2 - Go park your vehicle in the vendor parking area
       3 - Walk back to your space and THEN set-up your tent, tables etc.



    AT ONE LOUDOUN, you will be assigned a specific spot to set-up. The One Loudoun Layout can be found HERE. This link is the same every week, however, your setup location will most likely change from week to week.

    The Layout is updated every Friday AM, so please don't expect  to see your space assignment until then.  Best to check it Saturday morning before you arrive at the market to make sure you are looking at the most current version.  

    One of our Market Managers will help you with your assigned location when you arrive in case you get confused. The on-line layout will show your assigned spot number. The corresponding numbers are spray painted on the ground at One Loudoun (note there are also negative numbers at One Loudoun. Make sure to note if you are assigned a positive space or a negative one).  Negative numbers do not mean anything negative.

    AT BRAMBLETON, the layout for Brambleton can be found 
    HERE.  The Market Manager may ask you to setup in a different spot that what is assigned. spaces are NOT marked on the ground at Brambleton.  The Market Manager will give you direction on where your spot is when you arrive.  Please don't ask to be given a specific spot or to be moved. We try our hardest to make sure you are not set up next to other vendors selling the same things you are. Holiday vendors at Brambleton will occupy the 2 center rows going down through the market.  Our regular vendors will occupy the sides.

  6. ARE TENTS REQUIRED? - Tent's are not required but are HIGHLY recommended. Not only does it give you more of a presence at the market, but it will protect you and your products from light rain, show, etc.. We do NOT supply the tent for you, you must bring one of your own. They can be purchased at Costco, Walmart, Amazon, etc..  Tent weights are also required (25 LB on each leg minimum). You can purchase bags from Amazon for cheap ($10 bucks for 4 of them), and they fill them with water or sand. CLICK TO SEE TENT WEIGHTS FROM AMAZON. Tent weights are mandatory! Anyone setting up a tent without tent weights will be asked to take their tent down immediately (even if its not windy). 

  7. DECORATING YOUR TENT - You can setup your 10x10 space how every you would like. You can have a sandwich board in front, tables arranged any way that works best for you, and of course banners across the back telling people what you sell. Seeing the Holidays are here, decorating your tent to be more festive will help you stand out more than everyone else

  8. WHAT DO I BRING? - Pretty much everything. Tents, weights, tables, chairs, your products, credit card swiper, etc. The only things we supply is the road space and the foot traffic.

  9. WHAT TO WEAR - It's almost impossible to overdress for a Winter/Holiday market. We suggest starting with wool or thermal socks and warm boots (maybe even boot warmers as feet seem to get cold the fastest with vendors). Definitely long johns under your jeans or pants, layered shirts and jackets.  Recommended a nylon wide-breaker type jack on the outside to deflect the wind a bit. Layers are alway good. Wool or a very warm cap that covers your ears.  Recommend against baseball caps (unless you have earmuffs under it). And don't forget your gloves (you'd be surprised how many vendors forget to protect their hands). Hand warmers are also recommended.  How warm you dress will make-or-break your experience at the market.

  10. HOW WILL THE HOLIDAY MARKET BE MARKETED - In addition to the 1000's of people that will already come to our market weekly (not just from Loudoun County, but also from DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West VA, and about 20 other counties in VA), we also have a marketing campaign ready to launch next week letting people know about our Holiday event through newspapers, social media and radio. We also rely on our vendors (this is where you come in). Through the power of social media, we can reach exponential numbers of potential customers if all of you would begin posting about the event on your personal and business pages (Facebook & Instagram). Our tag on social media is @eatlocofarmersmarkets.

  11. COI - If you have not yet gotten your COI for the markets yet, you must do it NOW.  Vendors are not allowed to setup and sell at EatLoco's markets unless they have a valid and current COI (With EatLoco listed as an additional insured). Once you have it, please go to this page: and upload it there.

    Please reach out to Dan Hine if you have any question at or (301) 503-7703.