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  1. ARRIVAL TIME: (earliest) at 7:00AM. Vendors arriving after 8:30 AM must walk their items over from the parking garage.

  2. READY TO SELL - All vendors must be setup and ready to sell by 8:45 AM

  3. SHUTDOWN TIME : No earlier than 1PM. Must be OUT by 2PM

  4. NO COMPLAINING ALLOWED - Please bear with us as we navigate through setup and breakdown, especially through our 1st few times at MetPark. Emailing Dan AFTER the market is preferred if it can wait.

  5. WE’RE THEIR GUESTS - First and foremost, we are “guests” of Arlington County. Treat the property like your home (or better). If there’s an empty cup on the ground near your tent, pick it up and throw it away. This is a brand new property and we consider ourselves lucky to be invited to it. It is your storefront on Saturdays from 9-1. Please treat it with respect.

  6. KEEP IT CLEAN - Vendors are required to help maintain a clean working environment space throughout the market.

  7. TRASH - The community trash receptacles are for CUSTOMERS ONLY. Vendors must bring their own trash with them back home to dispose of it there. This goes for water and ice as well. They are NOT to be dumped on the ground, in the sewer, or on the grass. Please bring buckets with lids to transport water back home with you.

  8. SPACING - This will be a very tight market, but we are relatively certain it will be well attended. We are allotted 71 total spaces. (50) on S. Elm and (21) on Central Green.

  9. POWER - Power generators are not allowed or needed at MetPark. Power will be supplied in designated outlets near the market. Vendors will be allowed one outlet each, so please bring a heavy-duty 100 foot extension cord to reach the power source along with heavy-duty splitters if more than one plug is needed. 

  10. PROTECTIVE MATS - ALL VENDOR'S that are cooking at the market (either on S. Fern Street or Central Green) MUST have a protective mat under their entire cooking area at all times to protect the grass or pavement.  A large plastic sheet works as well.

  11. TENT WEIGHTS - ALL vendors must have 30-50 pound tent weights strapped to each leg of their tent. You will be asked to take your tent down completely if you don't bring tent weights.

  12. RESTROOMS - Public Restrooms in the Amazon building near the dog park (very close by). Port-a-johns (provided by EatLoco) are located at the corner of 13th St. and S. Elm Street.

  13. MAP and driving directions are provided at the top of this page to show you the street names, parking, etc.

  14. OFFICIALS - Arlington County Officials, Fire Marshals, Health Inspectors, Amazon Personel will all be on hand on opening day.

  15. FOOD TRUCKS - No food trucks are allowed at this market.

  16. NO-SHOWS will not be tolerated and won’t be invited back.

  17. UNATTENDED TENTS - Don’t leave your tent unattended if at all possible.  At the very minimum, place a note on your table that says “Back in 5 minutes” and ask a neighboring vendor to watch your tent for you if you need to use the restroom.

  18. COI’S ARE MANDATORY - make sure we have your updated one on file. You will NOT be able to setup at the market without a valid COI on file with EatLoco. If you have one from our other markets, another COI is not required.

  19. STREETS OFF LIMIT - Vendors are PROHIBITED from unloading their trucks/trailers anywhere on 13th St. or 14th St. Vendors must unload on S. Fair St. and cart their equipment into your designated spot if you are setting up on the Central Green.

  20. MARKET SHUT-DOWN - As always, vendors cannot begin shutting down before 1:00 PM (even if they run out of product). 


  21. HEALTH PERMITS - Send your non-expired Virginia Health Dept. permit to Make sure you are cleared with the Arlington County Health Dept. Permits must also be hung on your tent poles for the duration of the market.

  22. PROTECTIVE MATS - Hot Food Vendors MUST provide their own cooking mats to cover their entire cooking area to protect the ground.  This is a requirement.

  23. POWER - is being provided for our vendors by MetPark - Generators are not allowed at MetPark. Park Management will unlock all electrical outlets prior to your arrival Saturday morning. There is enough power for everyone, but there are only a few total plugs, so vendors must bring their own GFCI power strips (splitters) so they can plug in all their appliances. 

  24. EXTENSION CORDS- Vendors must also bring their own 75-100 foot extension cord to reach the power outlets. Amazon will provide cord covers (opening day) so customers don’t trip. 


  25. TOTAL VENDORS ON CENTRAL GREEN - We have a total of 21 total spaces on the Central Green for our vendors.

  26. ENTER CENTRAL GREEN - Central Green Vendors must enter onto S. Fair Street from 13th Street 

  27. CENTRAL GREEN PARKING - Central Green vendors can park on S. Fair St. for Free, but space is limited. Parking in the garage or elsewhere on different streets are also available.  (Other garage parking locations: 510 14th St. & 525 14th St.).

  28. HAND-CARRY - Vendors must hand-carry everything from S. Fair St. (use wagons, carts, etc) over to the Central Green. There is no access to pull up your vehicle into Central Green.

  29. PADS - Amazon will provide weekly 4x4 pads to place under tent, table and chair legs to protect the Central Green grass. They will bring them to you and they will pick them up at the end of the market.  Please make sure you don’t leave with them.

  30. FACING - Vendors will be facing each other around the Central Green. EatLoco Market Managers will instruct vendors exactly where to setup


  31. PAVERS - S. Elm street is built with pavers. Let’s all help to protect this beautiful road.

  32. NO VENDORS - allowed TO SETUP in the market AFTER 9AM (no exceptions)

  33. ENTER MARKET from 14th St. and turn onto S. Elm St.

  34. CONES - EatLoco will have small orange numbered cones set-up with space numbers. We may only do this for the 1st few weeks of the market

  35. LOAD-IN PROCEDURES - Pull-IN, Unload, Park, Setup - Same as ALL our markets. Only one way IN and one way OUT.  DO NOT START SETTING UP UNTIL YOUR VEHICLE IS OUT OF THE MARKET!!

  36. SOME FARMERS - have been cleared to keep their truck with them on S. Elm during the market. ALL other trucks and vehicles must park in the garage. The following farmers have been cleared to keep their truck on S. Elm Street during market hours. (Liberty Delight Farms, Spring House Farm, Chestnut Hill Farm, & Tysons Farm). 

  37. PARKING AFTER SETUP  Drive to the end of S. Elm Street, RIGHT onto 13th then immediate RIGHT into parking garages. (There may be a fee to park. Though 1st 2-3 hours are free on Saturdays).

  38. CERTAIN ROADS OFF LIMITS - Vendors PROHIBITED from parking, standing or unloading their trucks/trailers anywhere on 13th or 14th Streets.

  39. SANDWICH BOARD SIGNS - must be kept up against your tents (not in the middle of the road).

  40. BREAKDOWN -  Same as always - pack-up everything you have into a pile (tent, tables, products, etc…) THEN get your vehicle and pull in the same way you entered, from 14th to Elm Street, load-up and GO!

  41. VENDORS BACK-IN - Vendors will be allowed in 5 or 6 at a time to avoid confusion and recklessness of having too many vendors in the market at once. Vendors can come back in the same way they entered the market in the morning. 14th St. to S. Elm street.  

  42. SHUTDOWN: 1:00PM (County re-opens roads at 2:00 PM Sharp)

  43. For those parked in the 13th St Garage Parking
    Leaving parking garage: 
    Right onto 13th St. 
    Right onto S. Eads St.
    Right onto 14th St. and 
    Right onto S. Elm St.

MetPark Instructions for Vendors

Market Dates: June 17 - Nov 18, 2023  (23 total weeks)
Address: 1321 S. Elm Street, Arlington, VA. 
(The MetPark Market will occupy S. Elm Street & Central Green)

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