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​Sept. 5th - Oct. 31st, 2023 (9 weeks total) ~ 
10AM - 2PM

Contact Jason Plybon: (703) 798-6412

MetPark Tuesday (2).png

  1. The EatLoco TUESDAY Fall Market at MetPark is limited to 15 -18 weekly vendors and will be held only on the Central Green (football shaped, grassy field at MetPark). No vendors will be setup on the street for this market. Our Tuesday market vendors are made up of HOT food, produce, flowers, snacks, and drink vendors. Things people can bring back into the office with them that won't spoil.  We're mixing up the vendors throughout the 9 weeks to offer a variety to the Amazon employees and give other vendors an opportunity to sell at this market.

  2. Please bare with us as we try to find a good rhythm for this market with setup, placement of vendors and breakdown. It wont be perfect the first time around, but we feel confident we will get there quickly. 

  3. Be sure to check your portal to verify the dates we have you scheduled, match up with your work calendar.

  4. Cancelling from any of the Tuesday Market dates for any reason, forfeits your market fee for that day. You will not be able to switch to any other date. All Tuesday spots are accounted for throughout the season. Please think twice before cancelling a Tuesday market. Try to find someone that can cover for you in case you become ill or are unable to attend.  If you MUST cancel, always use the EatLoco Dashboard. Cancelling on the day-of the market, will constitute a $50 fine.

  5. Our focus is for the 1000's of Amazon employees in the 2 large corporate buildings overlooking MetPark. Amazon is considering vouchers to the employees to give this market a kick-start.

  6. Vendors should arrive at the TUESDAY Market no later than 8:30AM and be setup and ready to sell by 9:45AM.

  7. Unloading/Loading (see diagram) can be done on the LEFT side of S. ELM St. or the LEFT side of S. FAIR Street.  Both streets are NOT legal to park on, however, we have been cleared to allow loading and unloading of your products from these 2 streets. Seeing these are NO PARKING areas, we believe they will be empty for you to use to load and unload your vehicles. Please unload on the curb, go park your vehicle in the parking garage, and then return to the curb and walk your things over to the Central Green. It's important that you move quickly to provide other vendors waiting behind you to do the same.

  8. Protective mats must be placed under your cooking area at all times.

  9. Fire Extinguishers (non-expired) must be visible at all times for Hot Food Vendors (Fire Marshal).

  10. Power Generators are NOT required at MetPark. Power is available for all of vendors that need it.  Please bring a 100 foot extension cord with you, with multiple outlets.

  11. Arlington or VA Temp Health Permit must be displayed on the tent pole for Hot food vendors at all times.

    Arlington Department of Human Services
    Public Health Division/Environmental Health Program 
    Contact: Kendra Washington
    Phone: 703-228-7400
    Alt Phone: (571) 438-4462

  12. If you don't already have a parking pass for S. Fair Street, please contact Dan Hine at and he will send you one.  Any vendor parked on S. Fair street without a parking pass, risks being towed.

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