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MARKETS DATES - Saturday, June 17 2023 - Nov 18, 2023). 9AM - 1PM

METPARK FARMERS MARKET UPDATES (last updated July 31, 2023)


MetPark is a meeting place, where people come to meet friends, walk their dog, go for a morning stroll, and of course shop at the EatLoco Farmers market.  We were given a tour of MetPark by their construction company on Feb 1st. The park is nothing short of phenomenal!  We feel so honored they choose EatLoco to be their Farmers Market of choice. MetPark is two and a half acres of green beautiful landscape, a small play area for kids, a dog park that's connected to the park and even a beautiful walk-way that weaves its way through the park from one end to the other. Picnic tables are throughout the park for visitors to sit and enjoy their hot-food, juice, bagel & coffee. 

Community areas include:

  • An 8,800 square foot Central Green, an open lawn within the park, with capacity to host several hundred people for movie nights and events.

  • Two dog runs for small and large dogs, totaling 4,000 square feet.

  • A 5,000 square foot public playground.

  • A 2,300-square-foot landscaped garden with edible plants and a community table in the center for gathering.

  • Public arts throughout the park by national and local artists.

  • A variety of seating options, ranging from hammocks and lounge chairs to natural stone seating and custom benches.


CENTRAL GREEN (grass area shaped like a large football). This area is reseved mostly for our Hot Food Vendors. However, we do have several other food vendors that are not serving hot food on the Central Green.


PROPANE - Vendors using PROPANE, must keep their propane tank in a box or crate or something that prevents the tank from rolling around.

POWER - Vendors requiring ELECTRICAL POWER can plug into the power outlets at the park, power generators are not allowed.  Be sure to bring at least a 100 foot extension cord.


  1. S. FAIR STREET is reserved for our Central Green Vendors to park for FREE 

  2. DISPLAY PARKING PASS - to park on S. Fair Street to prevent from getting towed. 

  3. OBTAIN PERMIT - Get permit from Dan.

  4. RIGHT SIDE PAKING ONLY on S. Fair Street (near the building).

  5. NO LEFT SIDE PARKERS on S. Fair St. They will be towed.

  6. FILLED SPOTS - If all spots are filled, you must park in the parking garage or other street parking.

  7. JUST ONE VEHICLE - If you require more than one vehicle at the market (for hired help, etc), please use only ONE of the spaces on S. Fair Street and have the others park in the garage or use on-street parking. Be fair to other vendors and only use one space.

  8. DON'T FORGET YOUR PASS - Don't forget your pass on Saturday. We do not carry extra passes with us. If you need one (because you missed my last email about this), please let me know and I will send you one. You will be towed off of S. Fair Street without one.

  9. SETUP - We are setting up our Central Green vendors around the perimeter of this area (all facing in), and with about 6 feet behind each of them.  Do not setup wherever you would like, always check the layout "weekly" to see where we have you placed.

  10. PROTECTIVE MATS - ALL Hot food vendors are required to have thick solid mats, (not the ones with holes) covering their entire 10x10 floor space to protect the pavement. Hot vendors cannot setup without these.

  11. HEALTH FOOD PERMITS - Must be displayed in the right pole of your tent during the entire duration of the market. (see Health Dept. info below)

  12. FIRE EXTINGUISHER - must in in plain site at all times (not in your car, packed away in a box, etc). Must be visable for the Fire Marshal to see.

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S. ELM STREET (long street where the main market is setup) is where the majority of EatLoco vendors setup every Saturday.  Mostly farmers, food producers, crafters, etc.

  1. PULLING INTO THE MARKET - All S. Elm Street Vendors must pull in from 14th Street (one way onto S. Elm Street). Then pull up closely to the curb before unloading your things.  Unload, go park, THEN come back to setup.  Due to the size of the market, we must get everyone's vehicle out of there as quickly as possible

  2. S. FAIR STREET is reserved for Central Green Vendors only. Please do not park there. You will be towed.

  3. PARKING - All S. Elm Street Vendors must park in the parking garage (drive to stop sign at end of market, R onto 13th, immediate right into Amazon Parking parking garage).

  4. POWER - Vendors requiring ELECTRICAL POWER can plug into the power outlets at the park. Power generators are not allowed.  Be sure to bring at least a 100 foot extension cord.



Vendors who sell only whole, uncut fruit and vegetables AND/OR those who offer primarily packaged food products or samples (e.g., prepackaged fruit pies, prepackaged roasted nuts, prepackaged meats) must have been licensed under the VDACS certification. CLICK FOR THE VDACS WEBSITE

For Vendors preparing food or beverage at the market for immediate consumption, must apply for a 
TEMPORARY FOOD SERVICE PERMIT to participate at the market. 


Applications must be submitted at least 10 days
E Participating in a farmers market. 


Arlington Department of Human Services
Public Heal
th Division/Environmental Health Program 
Contact: Kendra Washington
2110 Washington Boulevard, Suite 350
Arlington, VA 22204
Phone: 703-228-7400
Fax: 703-228-7401
Alt Phone: (571) 438-4462


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