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  1. Season Vendors commit to being at every market date that season.

  2. Season Vendors must pay up-front (in full).

  3. Season vendors fined $25 for missed market dates.

  4. Season vendors receive the best rate available.

  5. Season vendors receives priority placement at the market.

  6. Season vendors receive (roughly) same assigned spot at the market. 

  7. Season vendors receive social media blasts throughout the season.


  1. Drop-IN vendors can purchase multi-pack or single packs (20, 10, 5 or 1)

  2. Drop-IN vendors commit only to the dates they've selected

  3. Drop-IN multi-Pass vendors save money & guarantees your dates.

  4. Drop-IN single-pass vendors are not guarantee market placement.

  5. Cancel by Deadline - pick another date - not penalized.

  6. Cancel AFTER Deadline - forfeit market fee, not fined.

  7. Drop-IN vendor deadline for date changes are Wednesday at 9PM.



Once your application is APPROVED and your passes are paid for, your spaces at the market for each date you've requested are locked-in and guaranteed. EatLoco Markets are filled first with season vendors, then multi-pass vendors, then single-pass vendors (depending on space remaining).

Additionally, if you reserve dates and later wish to change them, there's no assurance that a spot will be open for you. While we'll certainly cancel the date you're attempting to change, however, we can't ensure the availability of your replacement date. It's possible that we'll be fully booked for that day, or that we already have a surplus of vendors offering similar items on that day. In such cases, we'll credit your profile with a single credit that you can use on another day during the season if its available.

To modify dates, please utilize the EatLoco Dashboard and submit changes BEFORE Wednesdays at 9 PM to avoid penalties. Excessive date alterations after the season commences may impact your status as an EatLoco vendor.  Remember to never email date changes; instead, utilize the designated form on the Dashboard.

 .  No discounts for multiple markets

 .  Multi-passes must be used within the season

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