The Brains and Our Story Behind BERRYGANICS

Hi, we are Fayyaz and Maryam, and we are the proud owners of BERRYGANICS. We are parents to three handsome and amazing boys, who have been an inspiration to our business.

I started out as an electrical engineer, and with that background and a keen interest on the latest industry trends, my interests and experiences have led me down the path of health and full-spectrum wellness. I am also a Certified Personal Trainer and a Sports Nutrition Specialist. I apply my research and science background to my passion for healing, wellness, and holistic living.

My wife Maryam is a committed and supportive housewife, loving and devoted mother to our three boys, and a master chef. Gifted with traditional and contemporary culinary skills, Maryam possesses the keen ability to creatively make each meal delicious and healthy using only clean ingredients.

We love to workout or incorporate some dedicated movement throughout the day and enjoy training martial arts as a family out of Trident Martial Arts in Woodbridge, VA.

Our Mission is dedicated to food-based nutrition and an active lifestyle. We our committed to PURITY, INTEGRITY, & TRANSPARENCY.

PURITY – No Pesticides | No Heavy Metals | No Harmful Microbes | No Glyphosate | No Fluoride

INTEGRITY – All-Natural | 100% Organic | Whole-Food Ingredients

TRANSPARENCY – Published 3rd Party Lab Results | Published 3rd Party Verified Antioxidant Content

In the complicated world of dietary products, we aim for ONLY organic and non-GMO whole-food based ingredients – not isolated nutrients and micronutrients. We believe in providing 3rd party lab testing so that our customers can see the results for each product upfront.

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