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Locally crafted in the DMV, small batch, organic self care products made 100% from plants! Our product line ranges from highly sought after reef-safe sun screen and all natural insect repellent to sublingual and topical full spectrum cannabinoids to aluminum-free deodorant and non-toxic shampoo and many other daily skin and hair care essentials. We even have products for dogs & cats! vegan, Gluten-free, eco-friendly.

From Terra, Creator/Co-Founder of della Terra Organics:

I have always preferred natural and holistic options as a result of my "unique" upbringing. The seed that would one day blossom into an opportunity to dedicate myself to something I am passionate about every day was first planted in the Spring of 2015. My partner, Miguel, and I had been researching hazardous ingredients in commercial Sun Screens for some time. The things we learned shocked even me...a lifelong critic of commercial self care products!

After all we learned, we began an exhaustive (and eventually fruitless) search for truly good-for-you environmentally friendly sun screen. I'm talking crashing your browser with too many open tabs, shopping Farmer's Markets while cross-country road tripping, asking anyone and everyone for their recommendations...exhaustive. We found one option online as well as one at a San Diego Farmer's Market that came close but at their staggering price points I wasn't willing to compromise on "mostly natural" or "pretty good".

Here's the part of the story where my "unique" upbringing (read: raised in a sustainable off-grid community) comes in. I decided that I would make my own sun screen. Natural. Organic. Good-for-you. Environmentally responsible. Most importantly, no bad stuff!

From that first Sun Screen to over 60 self care & full spectrum cannabinoid (CBD) products - Spring 2021 - we've stayed committed to 100% natural ingredients, pleasant-to-use products, and accessible pricing.

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