Hi there! I'm Andrea Palcic, the owner and baker of Joy House Bakery. I'm a wife, mother, Christian lady, and a baker. In fact, I was quite literally born a Baker - it's my maiden name! Baking is in my blood. My large Italian family (my mother’s side, obviously) never let a special occasion pass without providing way too many cookies and pastries. It is because of them that I developed such a love for creating delicious and memorable desserts.

Joy House Bakery was created in 2020 after years of procrastination and simultaneous hard work. I started my career decorating cakes in 2010, adding sugar cookies to my repertoire in 2014. Since then, I have practiced and trained in many new techniques and recipes. While I've grown immensely as a baker in the last few years, the purpose and drive have only increased as well. I am so excited to now share some of my family’s recipes and I truly hope that whatever you taste from my bakery brings some joy to your day. If it does, spread it on to someone else!

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