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GREG WALSH (owner)

I grew up working on an organic farm. 15 years ago, I found myself living in suburbia with 2 kids and a front yard garden. As I reacquainted myself with my farming past, I began to learn about a progressive group of organic farmers who focused less on the label of organic and more on the nutrient density of the actual food. Techniques involve low or no soil tillage (tillage disturbs the soil microbiome), keeping bare soil covered, and testing and balancing of a large list of important minerals that are often depleted in our older east coast soil where rainfall is relatively high. Using these techniques, I found my kids rejecting the store bought organic food in favor of our garden produce.


With the arrival of twins 10 years ago, I was thrilled to provide them with home grown produce as their first foods in the "baby bullet". But I found that my front yard garden was too small and my desire to get my kids "out onto the land" had grown. Finally, 8 years ago, we made the move to a rural 15 acre plot, planting 650 raspberry plants before we built our house.

This initial organic raspberry endeavor grew into other berries and soon into organic vegetables as Well. We grow using all of the organic principles I learned as a kid. However, while an organic label tells you what is NOT in your food, and we are organic, our focus in on what IS in your food. Nutritional food, we believe, comes from healthy plants that do not require toxic chemical sprays, but instead, thrive in a healthy soil, enriched with a diverse mineral profile, living in a rich soil microbial system that feeds their root systems.

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