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We opened Pet Wants Chantilly because as a family familiar with food sensitivities and allergies, we knew we wanted the best for our dog, Alli, and area pets. We wanted Alli to eat healthy as we do and know that Pet Wants' fresh formulas are the reason she is living a healthy lifestyle.

We love seeing all of the dogs at the farmer's markets every week and talking to owners about what they like to eat and how we can help, whether its with nutrition, our treats, or tapping into our network of trainers and groomers. The best reward for us is talking to owners about what's bothering their dogs - picky eaters, sensitive stomach, allergies, skin and coat, digestion, repetitive infections - and hearing them later tell us how healthy their dogs are after enjoying Pet Wants formulas (and treats!).

We get our supplies for our house-made products from other market vendors - including sweet potatoes (for our chips), top round (for our beef jerky), and olive oil (for our balms and salves). There's nothing like the energy of the farmer's market and the collaboration between vendors! We also give back to the rescue community every month, donating 20 percent of our sales back to local rescues and animal organizations. If there is a particular rescue you'd like us to support, mention them at checkout!

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