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EatLoco Vendor Testimonials

The heartbeat of every one of our markets starts with the tireless and hardworking small businesses that bring you their grown, raised, produced or hand-crafted products week after week, in the rain, snow, or 100 degree weather. We try to give back to them a portion of what they put forward to us. Here are their words.



"Our chance of life or a destiny already marked by our small family farm, crossed paths with EatLoco & Dan Hine several years ago. Westmoreland Farms has been very lucky to be part of the EatLoco Farmers Market family since the beginning. We're extremely grateful and very happy to participate & take part in such a growing organization. We are grateful to Dan Hine, EatLoco's CEO, for his very focused, dedicated and entrepreneurial drive to help make all vendors in the EatLoco family succeed, and it shows!


We currently participate at EatLoco's One Loudoun market and look forward to our small family business growing along side EatLoco for many years to come". 

~ Christina & Alfonso Medina


"We love being a weekly fixture at the EatLoco Farmers Market at One Loudoun!  For over 2 years we've gotten the opportunity to set up, get our products in front of people, meet customers, build a list of clients, and expand our business. The market is professionally run and managed. They have a successful advertising plan that always brings many customers who are "first-timers", along with the large groups of people who are consistent, weekly visitors. While Northern Virginia is a large, urban area, one of our favorite things about the market is that it feels like a small-town neighborhood full of people who are happy to be there. This is a great opportunity for anyone to make connections, and friendships while growing a business!"


~ Jeff Lonnett



"Right after we started our bakery business in 2017, we became an EatLoco vendor at the One Loudoun Farmers Market.  As the EatLoco markets expanded in size and numbers, so did our business. The markets allowed us to increase our customer base week over week. The team of EatLoco also helped us promote our products which allowed us to establish a wider footprint beyond Loudoun County. 

We could not be happier to be part of the EatLoco farmers market community and to work with an amazing and dedicated team whose goal it is to help local farmers, growers and producers grow and thrive".

~ Bernie Gallent


"EatLoco was the catapult for visibility in my business that changed my life. I was able to go from small family orders to serving an amazing community of people in the span of a month. I am so appreciative to everyone who regularly comes out to support my business and whenever I see lines, my heart swells.


Dan Hine is an incredibly fair, kind, and knowledgeable person who truly wants you to succeed. He doesn't want you at the market just to fill space, but to flourish. I have really loved my time at EatLoco and the professionalism is incomparable to the other markets that I have been part of. If you're not with EatLoco, then get with them".

~ Kristy Taylor

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"Pet Wants Chantilly has been at EatLoco Farmers Markets since January 2021 and we credit this market for our tremendous growth over the past three years. As an event-based business coming out of Covid, we were scared for what the future held. Market owner Dan Hine took a chance on us and because of that, our business has surpassed any and all expectations. 


Having the opportunity to setup our mobile pet store week in and week out has given us the ability to be there for our customers - four legged and two legged - on a consistent basis. Dan and his staff understand what it means to be a small business and provide the tools for you to succeed. Their markets are run efficiently and smoothly. 


Thanks to EatLoco, we're able to count many clients and customers as friends and family and those relationships extend to vendors as well. We're a small, family-owned business and when I see the familiar faces every weekend at the EatLoco Markets, everyone feels like family to me."

~ Carla Mangone 

"I am writing to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the incredible partnership we've experienced with EatLoco. Being part of the EatLoco Markets has been an honor for our business.

Specializing in traditional Turkish baked goods, we have found a home in all of EatLoco's diverse and vibrant locations. What started as a strategic marketing opportunity to broaden our reach, has blossomed into an integral aspect of our business, thanks to the tremendous support and opportunities provided by Dan, Jason, and the entire EatLoco team.

The responsiveness, care and professionalism demonstrated by the EatLoco team have been exemplary. It's evident that they not only know how to run a successful market, but also understand the needs and aspirations of the vendors who contribute to its success. Their willingness to go the extra mile and assist us whenever needed has made our experience truly exceptional.  Being a part of EatLoco has not only elevated our brand visibility, but has also become a cornerstone of our business growth. We cherish the sense of community and shared success that EatLoco markets embody, and it is with great pleasure that we acknowledge the positive impact it has had on My Cravingz.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the entire EatLoco team for creating an environment where businesses like ours can thrive. We are proud to be associated with such a well-managed and community-driven organization. Here's to many more years of fruitful collaboration and shared success!"



"As a new small business, EatLoco was like a dream for Rossana! It gave us an opportunity to meet loads of fabulous coffee loving neighbors that we might not have met in a different setting. From start to finish the staff are on top of their game. Organizing and curating tons of vendors with great onsite and virtual support is a challenge in and of itself, but they are also engaging, kind, and thoughtful. The EatLoco One Loudoun market has proven to be a bustling spot every week, rain, wind, or shine. We are grateful to be a part of it."

- Randi Milton & Maria Milton


"EatLoco Farmers Markets in Loudoun County, VA, has been an absolute game-changer for my small handmade business. Within less than a year, thanks to their incredible support and platform, my business has expanded from participating in just one market to being present at four vibrant markets every weekend. What drew me initially was EatLoco's stellar reputation and its proven success over the years. One key aspect that truly stood out was their commitment to vendors—there's no demand for a cut from our sales. This freedom to thrive and grow our businesses without that added pressure was a major factor in my decision to join EatLoco's Farmers Market family. Working with Dan and the management team has been an absolute pleasure. Their professionalism, care, responsiveness, and genuine concern for vendors' success is evident in everything they do. They are proactive in enhancing the vendor experience, are always advocating for our prosperity, and truly have a vested interest in our success. Being a part of EatLoco Farmers Market has not only provided a platform but has also facilitated the development of a strong local presence for my small handmade business. With market spaces in One Loudoun, MetPark, Loudoun Station, & Brambleton, I've been able to connect with and build a loyal customer base. I'm immensely grateful for discovering EatLoco Farmers Market. They've been instrumental in my business's growth & success"

~ Josie Thompson 

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"There are not enough words to express our gratitude for the Eatloco Farmers Markets, Dan Hine, Jason Plybon, and all the market managers.  We are a family farm that was transitioning from one generation to the next and were also adding produce and market sales to our operation.  This is when we connected with Dan and his staff.  We currently attend four of the Eatloco’s markets and to see how these markets are designed, ran, and followed through with is remarkable.  The moment a vendor is accepted into the market, till the time you attend your first market, Dan, Jason and staff are there to assist, offer marketing advise, and help with any issues if any should arise.  The traffic these markets generate is a testament to the hard work and dedication the staff and vendors put into it.  If you are looking for a diversified market that has a little bit of everything, you should just visit one of the Eatloco Farmers Markets.

Because of our relationship with Eatloco Farmers Markets, our sales have vastly increased, we have been able to expand our customer base, increased our wholesale clients, and have been able to form relationships with other vendors to further enhance both our sales.  The customers are top notch and are truly interested in learning about our farm and where their food is coming from.  Education has been and continues to be important to our family farm.

Thank you is just never enough for all that Eatloco Farmers Markets has done for our business.  We look forward to the future of our relationship and encourage anyone that is on the fence about joining the market to take the leap of faith.  It will be one of the best decisions you can make."

~Kevin & Missy Donnelly


"Lempira Coffee Roasters started as a vendor with EatLoco in the spring of 2023. Dan, Jason and all of the market managers are highly organized, very approachable and responsive. In addition to the great management the market sites are located in incredible communities. We have built so many great connections and have initiated our loyal customer base as well as substantial business growth this past market season thanks to EatLoco. Overall, being a vendor at EatLoco has not only helped me grow my business but has also provided me with a fulfilling and enriching experience."

- Jennifer & Manny Lopez

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"When we started selling Lemonade 3 years ago we had no clue how much success we’d have nor how much we’d love doing it.


The EatLoco Farmers Market at One Loudoun has blessed my family with the opportunity to not only build a very real business but also put us in the position to meet some of the most genuine, generous and loving people in the world.  The staff, vendors and customers are very close to one another as if we were all one big family.  


God truly blessed us to be part of something so special.  Eat Loco has given us the chance to do greater things than we could have imagined."


~ Tigo Keen


"I've been doing farmers markets in Northern Virginia for 14 years. About 3 years ago (2020) several customers and vendors at my other markets started telling me I should be at the EatLoco Market at One Loudoun. I was hesitant at first but eventually I set up a meeting with Dan Hine to meet him and see just what EatLoco was all about. I was blown away by the size of the market. There were so many people and lots of excitement, I knew I had to be a part of this!  Since I have joined the Eat Loco family, my sales have almost tripled compared to the markets I was in before. I am so happy with all my fellow vendors and the management team is great to work with. This is a great market to showcase and grow your business! "

~ Baron Faust

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"The Eat Loco Farmers Markets have been successful avenues for Spring House Farm to expand the way we sell our products. The One Loudoun Market in particular has been the highest earning market for us and is full of great staff and vendors which brings in a large crowd of shoppers. Dan Hine and his team have been great to work with." 

~ Andrew & Liz Crush


"EatLoco is a great organization. They're always concerned about the needs of its vendors. We are a vendor at all 5 of their markets and couldn't be happier. Always courteous, polite and willing to listen. My involvement with EatLoco has been an absolute pleasure."

Max Tyson III 

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