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Instructions for Vendors on Market Tours



Tour Guide: Lauren Katz
Cell is: 703-627-4491




How you will be notified and contacted

  • If selected for a specific tour, Lauren will email you early on the week of the tour, or the week prior to the tour. Once selected, please email her back to confirm that you are committed to being a stop on the tour for that date.

  • The time schedule of the tour and approximate attendance of the tour will be emailed the day before the tour by Friday at noon.

  • The maximum attendance would be 16, so that you can plan for samples. If there are less attendees, Lauren will let you know on Friday.

  • If weather is extremely bad, there is a chance that the tour could be cancelled, but it is unlikely, and we will let you know as early as possible.

  • If you have any questions, need help planning your samples, or have a last minute issue, please let Lauren know at or 703-627-4491

  • When the tour group stops at your tent, plan on speaking briefly (1-2 minutes) about your business and your story. If you prefer not to speak, please make sure that you have spoken to Lauren about your business or filled out the question form, so that she can speak for you. The question form can be found HERE


How to Prepare for your Tour Stop:


  1. Choose which product(s) you would like to sample out for attendees. We recommend something that can be cut into a two-bite sized piece, or can fill a small sample cup. For liquids, a small 2-3oz cup works well. If you have multiple samples for each person, that is great as well.

  2. Please prepare samples ahead of time, so that the tour can have more time at your booth to hear your story and shop. The more prepared you are, the more you will sell! The tour starts at 9:30, and goes until 10:30, so unless you have hot food that needs to be plated last minute, have your tray ready before your allotted time-slot.

  3. Please place all samples on a tray or plate (a disposable aluminum pan, plastic tray, baking sheet, or even a large plate will work). We would like to pass the samples around so that they only go to the ticketed guests on the tour. 

  4. Please place anything needed to eat the sample on the tray or in the cup. (i.e.,  fork, spoon, napkin, straw, toothpick, etc…). If the customer is grabbing the samples off the tray, please provide a napkin or cup for them to use for sanitary purposes.

  5. If we have an EatLoco intern helping, we will try to give you a heads up when you are next on the stop, or you might see us coming, if we are at a booth nearby. We are trying to organize the tours in order of the layout of the market, from beginning to end. Occasionally we might backtrack to have a sweet at the end.

  6. Try to relax and have fun with it!this is your time to shine and highlight your products, build a new fan base and repeat customers, and share your story!


Thank you so much for participating, helping to make EatLocothe best market around, and for your help with our Beyond the Tent tour program. (3).png
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