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Lauren joins the EatLoco team to bring you a new and exciting way to stroll our market and learn about (and taste) many of the amazing foods right here in our community. 

Lauren is the winner of ABC's first season of The Great American Baking Show.  She has appeared on The Kitchen, Good Morning America, and Great Day Washington.  She has competed in over 50 culinary competitions, including The Pillsbury Bake Off, Sutter Home’s Build a Better Burger Cook Off, The Gilroy Garlic Festival Cook Off and many more.

Her recipes have been featured in several magazines, cookbooks and bakeries like the local favorite, The Difference Baker.  Lauren is a Virginia native, growing up in Fairfax County. She relocated to Loudoun in 2007 to raise her family, and loves the amazing community and beautiful landscapes Loudoun has to offer.

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  1. THEMES - Tours will often be themed, such as “Spice is Nice” tour, “Latin Vibes” tour, “Easter Family Tour”, etc…Not every business will make sense to feature on every tour, but it is our intent to try to find a spot to highlight every business that would like to participate.

  2. HOW OFTEN - We’ll be running tours every 2 weeks for the rest of the Winter season, starting with our practice tour on 1/2/24. In the Spring/Summer, we are hoping to increase our tour frequency, depending on the demand. Vendors will NOT be asked to do every tour, but will be rotated. We want to try to include every food vendor at least once throughout the year, though many of you may be asked to participate more than once.

  3. VENDOR SELECTION - Lauren will select 6 vendors she’d like for each tour at least a week in advance. She will contact each of the 6 vendors selected for the next tour early in the week (on Monday or Tuesday) to give them enough notice to plan for the upcoming tour that Saturday at the market. She will also verify that you are scheduled to be there that weekend and what sample you will provide. Please email any additional information you would like Lauren to feature about your company or products.

  4. SAMPLES - If selected, you’ll be asked to provide 16 small samples of your best product (or product that fits the theme) as an exclusive experience for the tour. This can be a product that’s been cut into several pieces. We would love a two-bite sized sample if possible. We would also like you to have these prepared ahead of time on a tray covered with plastic wrap or tin foil so it's ready for the tour group when they arrive at your tent. Sample cups or a sample on a napkin would be perfect so that they are easy to grab. FOR VENDORS WITHOUT SAMPLES - We understand that some of you aren’t able to provide samples (protein vendors, raw foods, etc). That’s not a problem. We don’t want to exclude you. Lauren will still choose these vendors as part of the tour. We simply won’t expect samples, but would love for you to speak about your business. We could also use these non-sample vendors as a fill-in if we have a last minute cancellation from another vendor.

Beyond the Tent is a food tour series offered by EatLoco Farmers Markets, designed to lead customers to select food vendors, providing an in-depth look at each vendor’s business, products, and services. These tours serve as an excellent opportunity for vendors to showcase their businesses, attract new customers through samples of their products, and build relationships to foster lifelong repeat customers!


Each tour will consist of approximately 16 customers and will visit 6-7 vendors per tour. The tours will last approx. 1 hour, from 9:30AM - 10:30AM on selected Saturdays throughout the year (we will post these on-line).  Our first scheduled tour is for Saturday, January 20, 2024. 

Vendors, CLICK HERE if you'd like to be included in one of our upcoming tours.

(This page is intended for EatLoco vendors only)




  1. GATHERING - Lauren will assemble all 16 tour members at a designated spot within the market on Saturday morning at One Loudoun. Each participant will receive an EatLoco branded lanyard, facilitating easy identification of tour members. She will commence with an overview of the market, explaining the numbering system/layout to ensure participants can locate vendors later for subsequent purchases.

  2. VISIT TO YOUR TENT - When the tour gets to your tent, you will be given an opportunity to speak for 2-3 minutes about your company and the product they are about to sample. Vendor speaking is optional. Lauren, however, will also talk about your business and products (based on the data you gave us in our form). We will keep in mind that other non-tour customers may be waiting too, so we will try to push things along. Feel free to give out business cards, rack cards, QR code to your website, etc. You can provide purchase discounts while on the tour or print out a coupon for a later date.  This is the time to provide any marketing to the group.

  3. SAMPLES & PURCHASES - As mentioned above, we would like vendors to have a tray pre-prepared with enough samples for 16 people, covered and ready for the tour group. They will have time to purchase from you after tasting. Please fill out the online form HERE with your business information. We will encourage tour participants to come back and shop at the vendors that were part of the tour and to mention that they were on the tour for tracking purposes.

  4. PHOTOS AND VIDEO - EatLoco will be taking some pics/videos to share online with EatLoco followers. This is great publicity for your business and products.

  5. HAVE SOME FUN - We want this to be fun for the vendors as well as the tour participants. It is a chance for you to be in the spotlight and shine. Enjoy yourself and don't take things too seriously.


  1. Please contact Lauren at or 703-627-4491 with additional information about your business, in case of a change of plans on your tour date, or with any additional questions. 

    And don't forget to fill out the FORM HERE if you'd like to be included in the tour.

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