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Market Managers 
Ashill: (571) 591-9406
Jason: (Director of Operations) 703-798-6412

Here are a few things you should know about the EatLoco Loudoun Station market.

  1. First and foremost, we are guests at Loudoun Station (as we are at all our venues). Please treat the property and your fellow vendors with respect and courtesy as you would want them to treat you.  Pick up after yourselves. if you see a piece of paper flying, grab it. If you spill something, clean it up. If you see an aggressive dog, grab a Market Manager  and let them handle it.  Our markets only succeed when we all work together.

  2. Bring your "A" game to this market.  This can easily become as big (and as popular) as our One Loudoun Market.

  3. Market starts at 9:00AM and finishes at 1:00PM. Vendors must arrive between 7:30 and 8:30 to give yourself enough time to setup.  All vendors must be setup and ready to sell no later the 8:45AM. Any vendor that arrives AFTER 8:30AM will not be permitted to drive their vehicle into the market.  They will need to park in the vendor parking lot and hand-carry everything over to their spot to setup.  BE EARLY!!

  4. Hot Food Vendors must cook with a protective mat covering your entire cooking area.  Also, non-expired temp. Health Permits must be on display at all times for our hot food vendors.

  5. Remember, not showing up at a scheduled market (for whatever reason), constitutes a $50 fine to the vendor. No exceptions.  Market cancellations must be made by Wednesday at 9PM at


  • Here is a LINK with driving directions to LOUDOUN STATION.

  • The Market will be on CENTRAL STATION DRIVE  (main road going through Loudoun Station). So no entrance here.

  • Turn on ASHBURN METRO DRIVE near Central Station Dr. Look for a market directional sign with large flag.

  • Then take your FIRST LEFT TURN onto EAST SIDE DRIVE.  Drive through parking lot until one of our Market Managers  gives you further direction on where to setup.

  • You'll be given a space number and told approx. where your assigned space is.  Small orange cones are used to identify sections that you will be setup in . Pull up tight to the curb in your section and unload your things quickly.

  •  Move your vehicle immediately after you've unloaded it.  DO NOT proceed to set up your tent and tables until your vehicle is moved out of the market.

  • Vendor parking is shown on the map above.

During Shutdown

  • At 1:00PM  (no earlier, even if you sell out), vendors can pack-up their products, knockdown their tables and display and place everything in a neat pile.  All vendor will enter near the traffic circle (see map above).

Reminder, if the date at the top of the layout does't reflect this coming market, then we have not yet updated the layout for this coming weekend. Layout updates are usually completed each Friday afternoon.

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