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As EatLoco, LLC begins its 8th year in business, we look back at the tremendous growth we’ve had specifically at One Loudoun and our brand new MetPark location. Back in December 2017, we began the very long process of finding the right farmers and vendors to grow our markets to what they are today. We now have a powerhouse of exceptional farmers and vendors that our community has grown to cherish and rely on week after week. 


However, with market success comes higher expenses. To cover our rising operating costs and resources  (i.e., market road rent, marketing & advertising, insurance, billboards, administration, staffing, etc), regrettably, we must increase our market fees across the board (especially for One Loudoun and MetPark). The market fees you’ve been paying since 2017, were based on a small ​20-30 vendor markets, with under $50K​ in annual vendor sales and 400-500 weekly customers.​ Last season (2023), our total vendor sales hit an all time high of $6.1 Million Dollars at One Loudoun alone, averaging over 5000 customers every Saturday during our Regular Season, and our MetPark Market broke all first time numbers with us with its vendor sales and customer counts.

Therefore, the following EatLoco vendor price increases will occur for all our 2024 Regular Season markets.

Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 8.29.06 AM.png

Note: H&W stands for Health & Wellness Vendor (Chiropractor, Fitness instructor, gym, massage therapist, etc.)

Anticipating the upcoming 2024 Regular Season, we aspire to foster ongoing growth and support for our markets. Our objective is to create an environment where your businesses can thrive and prosper to their fullest potential. While our pricing plans undergo slight adjustments, we trust that you comprehend our commitment to maintaining EatLoco as the premier destination in the DMV.

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