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EATLOCO, LLC believes that our core values, work ethic and commitment to helping small business owners makes EATLOCO the successful powerhouse we are today. 


Commitment to Collaboration:  We will always work together to achieve our business, client, group and individual goals.

Commitment to Improvement: We will always seek ways to improve our business processes, strengthen our policies and push our core values.


Commitment to Support & Trust: We will interact amongst ourselves and support one another.  We will interact with our clients in a professional, open and truthful manner.  We advise our clients on what we believe is best for their business in a manner that fosters relationships and builds trust.



Sponsors have the opportunity to promote their business to EatLoco's broad base of loyal customers who plan their week around attending our market. As a Market Sponsor, you will be able to  engage directly with our audience of over 5000 people on any given Saturday (during our Regular season). Our markets attract shoppers from all over the DC, Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland.  Our target audience is typically between the age of 35-50 living in the Northern Virginia area. Our market shoppers value nutrition, like to shop local, and love to experience new and exciting products.  They value their lifestyle, their community and their nutrition. Our farmers markets are the ideal location for any business to advertise their products and be able to reach a vast amount of people in a short amount of time. Our website receives about 13K visitors per month, and our social media pages reach over 26K people.


Our sponsorship packages are designed to maximize our sponsor's exposure to our audience at the market as well as our social media followers (almost 30K followers on Facebook & Instagram).  Sponsors are encouraged to get creative by providing giveaways, spin the wheel for prizes, etc. to draw in market shoppers to their booth.


  • 2 premium 10x10 spaces (select 2 markets within 1 calendar month) at any EatLoco locations

  • Tent will be setup in the middle of the market/road (not on the sides like our vendors) giving you the most exposure. Customers can approcah your tent from all 4 sides

  • We'll design & post 4 consecutive times in 4 weeks for you on EatLoco’s FB & IG pages.  

  • We'll design & run a 1 digital banner for your business on our website homepage for 4 weeks.


  • A premium 10x10 space (1 time) at any one of our EatLoco locations.

  • We'll design & post 2 consecutive weeks for you on EatLoco’s FB & IG pages.  


  • Sponsors can hand out their branded promotional products (or brochures) to customers at one of our markets for the entire 4 hours of the market (excluding opening day). 

  • Branded items and selected date must be pre-approved by EATLOCO Management. 

  • Promo products must be purchased and handed out by the Sponsor

  • Only 2 people can hand out the promotional material at a time.

JUST TENT SPACE (choose from any of our 5 markets). 

  • $1500 per day

  • $1500 x 5= $7500

  • $1500 x 10= $15,000 - 15% discount = $12,750

  • $1500 x 15= $22,500 - 15% discount = $19,125

  • $1500 x 20= $30,000 - 15% discount = $25,500 


You can book as many market dates as you like at as many locations as you like, pending availability.  Please contract us at to setup a time to speak about other sponsorship opportunities as well, such as banners throughout the market, other social media and website advertising, etc. We welcome the opportunity to hear about your promotional and marketing goals so we can develop custom offerings to connect you with the EatLoco brand and audience



Once approved, our team will follow up to schedule you at the markets and dates of your choice, pending availability.  Are you interested in broader sponsorship with EatLoco?



  • As a Market Sponsor, you have the opportunity to book a space at EATLOCO Farmers Markets, pending availability.

  • Market space is a 10’x10’ market footprint where the sponsor may promote their business, pass out materials from their tent space (i.e., collateral, swag, etc), connect with new clients and sign them up for your services.

  • Tent and table are NOT included in market booking. Please note that if you choose to have a tent space at market, you must attach 40-50 pounds of weight to each tent leg.

  • Market Sponsorship is restricted to promotional activities only. Sponsors may not sell any products or merchandise at the farmers market. Food samples or any kind are not to be given outIf you would like to offer free food at your table, we strongly encourage you to source this food from the market, so as not to compete with our vendors.

  • Once Market Sponsors are approved, the EatLoco team will follow-up to schedule market dates. Dates of market appearances will be agreed upon by Market Sponsor and EatLoco Mgmt. as soon as possible, but no later than two weeks before desired market date (subject to availability).

  • Market Sponsors will receive arrival, off-loading, and parking instructions from EatLoco at least one week prior to market appearance.

INCLEMENT WEATHER - EatLoco makes every effort to keep our markets open even in inclement weather. If we chose to close the market due to extreme weather conditions, or the sponsor feels it's unsafe for them to participate, then we will do whatever is needed to reschedule the sponsor accordingly.

Please contact Dan Hine at (301) 503-7703 or if you have any questions or would like to pursue a Sponsorship with EatLoco.

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