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Game Day at EatLoco

EatLoco Farmers Market at ONE LOUDOUN Saturdays  (Year-round)  9AM-1PM

Atwater Drive - One Loudoun, Ashburn VA

EatLoco Farmers Market at BRAMBLETON Sundays (Year-round)  9AM-1PM

Olympia & Legacy Park Dr.  Brambleton VA

EatLoco Farmers Market at LOUDOUN STATION
Sundays (March 26 - Nov 19. 2023)  9AM-1PM

43751 Central Station Dr. Ashburn VA

EatLoco Farmers Market at METPARK
(Amazon HQ2)
Saturdays (Seasonal)  9AM-1PM

Arlington, VA

Director of Operations
Jason Plybon: (703) 798-6412

What Vendors should know about EatLoco market day






Please check the layout links above for your space assignment every weekend BEFORE pulling into the market. The layout changes slightly every week (usually by Friday Afternoon) depending on which vendors we have, so never expect to be in the exact same space assignment each week. Setting up in the wrong space could throw-off the entire market, so please ask one of the Market Managers if you are unsure of your assigned space (or ask a fellow vendor to help you). At One Loudoun, coordinating space numbers to whats on the layout are spray painted on the road.  At all other EatLoco markets, numbered orange cones will be used instead. Please do not request a specific space number or side of the road.  Layouts are made strategically each week based on what each vendor is selling, the size of their truck (if its being parked on the road), and the number of spaces they require.  

ASSIGNED SPOTS Season Vendors (vendors that paid to be there every week for the ENTIRE season), are the bedrock of our markets. They are given priority spots and are "generally" in the same spot every week throughout the season. However, these spots may shift from week to week as we will try to close-up empty spaces when vendors are absent, instead of leaving them open throughout-out the market making the markets look sparse and empty. 

DROP-IN VENDORS are very important to the success of our markets as well. They brings diversity, change and variety.  Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to assign DROP-IN vendors the same space each time they DROP-IN at any of our markets.  If we were to reserve a spot for each Drop-In vendor "just in-case" they dropped-in....well..that would be ridiculous.  The earlier you let us know you want to DROP-IN on a specific date, the better spot will be assigned.

DON'T BE LATE - With the number of weekly vendors we have participating at our markets, it's important you give yourself plenty of time in the morning so you'll be set-up and ready to sell no later than 8:45AM. We suggest getting there by 7:30AM to beat the vendor crowd.  All vehicles must be OUT of the market space area by 8:45AM. Never under any circumstances should a customer or vendor ever move any of the orange cones or road-blocks blocking off the market road so they can bring their vehicle into the market.  If the road cones are not in place at 8:45AM for whatever reason, vendors are still not allowed to bring their vehicle into the market after 8:45AM.  Vendors showing up after 8:45AM will have to park their vehicle in the remote parking lot, and hand carry everything over to their spot for setup. No exceptions.  Moving the cones will get you suspended from the market(s).

MARKET MANAGERS - Our Market Manager(s) are on-site every Market morning at approx. 6:30AM to setup signage, put out road closures cones, to help facilitate vendor space assignments and to help make vendor and customer experience the best possible. Their job is not an easy one, so we're asking that you don't make it any harder.  If you have an issue or complaint that directly effects you successfully running your booth for that market day, then please seek out the Market Manager on duty to work it out.  All other problems, complaints or issues (that can wait until the market is over) should be directed to Dan Hine at (301) 503-7703 or Our Market Managers have nothing to do with our billing, what space(s) you are assigned, or which vendors are selected to be part of our markets. 

BRAMBLETON - is our smallest market through sometimes the hardest to navigate.  Orange cones will be setup at this market with numbers corresponding to your assigned number on the layout. Due to the size of this market, we ask that you pull up to your space and unload QUICKLY to allow the other vendors to do the same.

METPARK - We will update this section later this year.

PULL-UP, UNLOAD, GO PARK CAR, THEN SETUP - When you drive into any of our markets, pull-up to your assigned assigned space tight to the curb. Unload your vehicle quickly , then drive your vehicle out of the market space and over into the vendor parking area.  We try to reserve the closer spots for your customers, the elderly and the handicapped. DO NOT set up your tent, tables, products or anything else until your vehicle is moved out of the market. No exceptions!

WHERE TO SETUP - ROAD OR GRASS?  (at One Loudoun Only)  Vendors on the ODD numbed side of the road (South side of the market) MUST setup their tent and tables on the road pavement and must keep OFF the grass at all times.  Some of the vendors (mostly farmers) have been given permission (or have paid) to park their large trucks on the pavement next to their tents. Everyone else must park in the vendors parking area. We have however, been given permission to move the EVEN number vendors (North side) up onto the curb. This configuration gives our customers much more room to roam around and an opportunity to stick around and shop more.

TENT WEIGHTS - Tent weights are mandatory at all EatLoco Farmers Markets regardless of season or weather. 50LB weights on each leg are required at all times. Dumbbell weights are not allowed. Inexpensive nylon bags that can be filled with sand and can be velcroed to each tent leg is a great option. This market gets very windy and we have seen customers (children too) get hit by flying tents more than once. Vendors that do not comply with our tent weight policy, may be asked by our Market Managers to take down their tent immediately.  Tent weights are also a requirement on non-windy days.

SAMPLES AT THE MARKET - Samples are allowed back at the market. However, we suggest keeping samples covered at all times. In addition, samples can only be handed out within a few feet from the front of your tent.  Walking around the market with samples more than a few feet in front of your tent is not allowed.  Please respect your fellow vendors by staying in you own area during market hours.


SMOKING AT THE MARKET - Smoking at the market is strictly prohibited by vendors. If a vendor must smoke, they must do so no less than 50 yards from behind their tent, not more than 5 minutes, and no more than twice per market. It is preferred they find someone to watch their tent and their products while they are away.


LEAVING YOUR TENT SPACE - If you must leave your tent (grab some coffee, use the rest room, etc), and you don't have anyone else to run your tent, please put up a sign that says "Back in 5 minutes" as a courtesy to your customers that may be looking for you.

END OF DAY - The market ends promptly at 1:00PM. You may not shut down, put away items, knock-down your tent, or give any type of indication that you are shutting down prior to 1:00 PM, even if you sell-out of your products. For the safety of our customers and the integrity of our market, you must remain setup until 1:00 PM.  At 1PM, please knock down your display, your tables and your tent and put into a pile in your designated space. THEN proceed to get your vehicle from the parking lot to bring it back into the market to load-up.  Vendors must wait for the Market Manager to wave you in from the parking lot (limited to several vendors at a time). Usually customers are still in the market after 1PM, therefore, vehicles will not be waved in until around 1:15 - 1:20 PM.

TRASH - The EatLoco trash bins are NOT for vendor use, they are for customer use only.  Vendors need to take all of their trash with them at the end of the day and NOT use the EatLoco trash bins.  Our Market Managers are not responsible for vendor's trash.  

SALES RECORDING - Per your vendor agreement, each vendor must record their sales numbers in our EatLoco SmartSheet system every week no later than WEDNESDAY at 9PM following the market. These numbers are not shared with anyone and we will never take a percentage of your sales.  Your sales numbers help us with our ongoing market efforts and to help bring in sponsors and advertisers that help build and fund our markets.  You portal access to enter your sales can be found HERE.

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