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EatLoco has moved away from the Manage My Market system completely. Our new system  (beginning Nov 1, 2022) is based on a system called Smartsheet.  We've designed Smartsheet to work much more efficiently from our end, while giving you an easier user experience from yours.  You can use this portal moving forward to confirm the market dates you've signed up for, see how many credits you have on file with EatLoco, view and update your COI, and upload your sales numbers weekly. 

Please follow these simple steps to setup your EatLoco Portal right away

  1. CREATE YOUR ID  - To create your EatLoco portal, simply CLICK HERE, This will walk you through creating an EatLoco Portal/Smartsheet user ID (using your email address & password).  An email confirmation will be sent to you to confirm you are who you say you are. (Note: Conformation emails can sometimes take 10-15 minutes to reach you, so please be patient). You MUST use the same email for your portal you used when you filled out the EatLoco application. Once you're successfully logged-in, it should take you to a screen that lists the markets that you've been approved. 

  2. SEE YOUR MARKET DATES - Click on one of the Markets. A light blue line shows the dates you've signed up for (REQ are dates you Requested, PAID are dates you PAID for). This is LIVE data, so if you see a problem with one of your dates OR if you don't see a blue line with your dates at all, please let us know immediately so we can fix them for you.

  3. ENTER YOUR SALES - Click on your BUSINESS NAME. It will bring-up a side-panel that will allow you to put in your SALES numbers.  Try to record your sales the same day as the market if possible so you don't forget. There is a $25 fine for not recording your sales numbers by Wednesday at 9PM.

  4. COI (CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE) - There will also be a line that you can update your own COI with EatLoco.  Please make sure this kept updated to prevent being excluded from the market(s)

If any of the above is not showing your data correctly or if you're having any issues at all, please contact us at

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