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EatLoco Vendors 
Welcome to the 2024 REGULAR Season at MetMark

Game-Day Rules at MetPark (Saturday)

Vendor map of metpark setup 61423.png

MetPark Instructions for Vendors

Address: 1321 S. Elm Street, Arlington, VA. 
(The MetPark SATURDAY Market will occupy S. Elm Street & Central Green)

  1. MARKET MANAGERS - Our Market Managers will be easily identifiable in bright yellow jackets. If you need assistance, especially during setup, don't hesitate to ask them. Please refrain from setting up in random spots, as you will be asked to move.

  2. ARRIVAL TIME - Please ensure you arrive no later than 8:15 AM for the market.  During the market, refrain from requesting to switch spaces. If you encounter any issues, please email us directly after the market, and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

  3. DON'T BE LATE - It's important you give yourself plenty of time in the morning so you'll be set-up and ready to sell no later than 8:45AM. (We suggest 7:30AM). All vehicles must be OUT of the market space by 8:45AM. NEVER under any circumstances should a customer or vendor move any of the orange cones or road-blocks blocking off the market road so they can bring their vehicle into the market.  If the road cones are not in place at 8:45AM for whatever reason, vendors are still not allowed to bring their vehicle into the market after 8:45AM.  Vendors showing up after 8:45AM will have to park their vehicle in the remote parking lot, and hand carry everything over to their spot for setup. No exceptions.  Moving the cones will get you suspended from our market(s).

  4. WHERE TO SETUP - At MetPark, we will have numbered orange cones setup on S. Elm Street (the location of the market).  To see your assigned space for the week, please check the link above.  Pull into the market (from 14th street only), and up to your cone number.  Unload everything you need (tents, tables, products, ect.), and then move your vehicle to the Amazon parking garage. DO NOT setup your things until you vehicle is out of the market.

  5. VENDOR PARKING- Amazon is graciously picking up the tab on our vendor parking this year (as long as you park in their parking lot) . You will be given a voucher by our Market Manager at the market to exit you from the parking lot without paying. Directions to Amazon Parking lot: Immediately drive to the end of the market, Turn Right and the Amazon parking garage is immediately on the right. 

  6. TENT WEIGHTS - Tent weights are mandatory at all EatLoco Farmers Markets regardless of the season or the weather. 50LB weights on each leg are ideal, by at least 25 pounds per leg are required at all times. Dumbbell weights are not allowed. Inexpensive nylon bags filled with sand and can be velcro'ed to each tent leg is a great option. This market gets very windy and we have seen customers (children too) get hit by flying tents more than once. Vendors that do not comply with our tent weight policy, may be asked by our Market Managers to take down their tent immediately. 


  7. GENERATORS - Generators are not required at the MetPark Market(s). There is enough power for all of our vendors at MetPark. Please bring a very long 75 - 100 foot extension cord and any kind of splitter you require.

  8.  FOOD PERMITS - All temp food permits (from Arlington County) must be displayed on the left tent post for the Health Dept. Inspector to see.  If you arrive at the market without a "hardcopy" of your food permit, you will be asked to leave.  

  9. PROTECTIVE MATS - Hot Food Vendors MUST have a 10x10 mat under your entire tent.  We don't want anything to drip or stain the church parking lot. 

  10. FIRE EXTINGUISHER - HOT Food Vendors must have a working and non-expired fire estinguiser (preferably a K2 fire extinguisher) in plain site at all times (not in your car or packed away in a box, etc). Must be visible for the Fire Marshal to see.

  11. SAMPLES AT THE MARKET - Samples are allowed back at the market again. However, we suggest keeping samples covered at all times. In addition, samples can only be handed out within a few feet from the front of your tent.  Walking around the market or anywhere not within 3-4 feet from your tent, is not allowed.  Please respect your fellow vendors by staying in you own area during market hours.

  12. SMOKING AT THE MARKET - Smoking at the market is strictly prohibited. If a vendor must spoke, they must do so no less than 50 yards from behind their tent, not more than 5 minutes, and no more than twice per market. It is preferred they find someone to watch their tent and their products while they are away.

  13. WE ARE GUESTS - As with all our venues, we are their guests. Please take extra time at the end of the market to pick up every scrap of paper or food in and around your assigned space. It only takes a minute.  The community trash receptacles are for CUSTOMERS ONLY. Vendors must bring their own trash with them back home to dispose of it there. This goes for water and ice as well. They are NOT to be dumped on the ground, in the sewer, or on the grass. Please bring buckets with lids to transport liquids back home with you.

  14. TIME TO GO - Vendors cannot begin to put away their items or knock-down the tables or tent until 1:00PM.  Even if you sell out, you must remain until the end of the market completely setup.  At 1PM, you must knock everything down BEFORE going to get your vehicle, including your tent. Once everything is in a neat pile, you can walk over to the Amazon Parking garage, grab your vehicle and drive it back to the market to pickup your things.

These 4 things required for Hot Food Vendors

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